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I am a developing writer. I’m currently testing out the waters of where I would like to write. I love Historical Fiction, I love some paranormal and fantasy. I love it when these are combined.

Steampunk, as a genre, allows the combination of History with a touch of the fantastic. I can’t wait to get into it… Can you?


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My Family Steampunk

My Inciting Incident for Writing Steampunk

Dear Readers, While at work the other day, someone asked me “You write? Why Steampunk? What is that?” It got me thinking. What was it that got me started on writing steampunk.   Why DID I choose to write Steampunk? –> The answer was simple. First a book. Then a memory linked to a piece …

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The Precocious Scribe

Welcome Post

Hello and thanks for stopping by   Please note this blog/resource site is currently in the developmental stage. I hope to post blog entries and useful information relating to writing the Steampunk genre. This includes resources for the ‘historical’ fiction aspect of Steampunk.   For the moment, please pop over to my writing blog “The …

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